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If you have any questions regarding competing at our shows, please call in ADVANCE of attending the event.

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Barbara Brookshire

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What you need to know before you show...

Non Pro Classes

If showing in Non Pro classes (including Rookie) you must obtain NRHA Non Pro status prior to showing - this can now be taken care of in the show office, but you MUST come file paperwork prior to showing.  If you already have your Non Pro status, that card MUST be current and therefore shown to the show secretary at time of making entries.  

Youth Classes

If showing in Youth classes you must have a current Youth NRHA membership card. Note that NRHA requires Youth member birthdates to be on file.  Youth entries MAY NOT compete on stallions this will result in disqualification.  Youth may compete in Rookie, however they must apply for Non Pro status in addition to having a current Youth card.

Membership Status

Note that if you plan to show in any NRHA approved classes, and the owner is different from the rider, you MUST also have proof of the owner's NRHA membership being current.  This may be a copy of the actual card or a faxed document from NRHA.  In accordance with NRHA guidelines, no one is allowed to compete in approved classes without showing proof of both current rider and owner membership cards.

Competition License

All horses planning to enter in NRHA approved competitions are required to have a competition license.  This license must be shown to the show secretary at the time of making entries into NRHA approved classes.  This application process may only take place only through the NRHA Office.  If you have recently purchased a horse, please check with the previous owner or the NRHA Office. Your horse may already have a competition license and then a transfer must occur (only through the NRHA Office) prior to showing.  Please note: Normal processing time for membership and competition license applications or competition license transfers is approximately two weeks. Call NRHA for availability and fees for our rush service.

Class Eligibility

NRHA Eligibility for the various classes and divisions is updated at the end of each show year for both horses and riders and remains in force for the balance of the current show year. You can check current eligibility of individual horses (Novice class eligibility) and riders (Division eligibility) by clicking on the Earnings selection or the Members Only icon on the NRHA Home page or by calling the NRHA Office.   --- see

TNRHA Green Classes

If you wish to compete in Green classes (not NRHA approved) at TNRHA shows, you are not required to have a competition license on your horse, or a current NRHA membership.  While we encourage both, we want to allow anyone wishing to show the opportunity to take part in our events.