TNRHA Show & Award Rules

Year End Awards and Circuit Awards

Riders and at least one owner must be current TNRHA members to be eligible for year-end or circuit awards. Riders must show at least 1 more than half of the times a class is offered to be eligible for a year end award or a circuit award.  Year end points will be awarded based on placing in the class.  First place in a class of 20 horses would receive 20 points; other place values will be in descending order; points for ties are split and no points are awarded for a zero score (although this will count as one of the qualifying runs). High point earners will receive awards at the annual awards banquet in the spring following end of the qualifying year.

Rookie Saddle Series Conditions

  • The saddle will always be awarded to the Rookie 1 Class. No rotation between Rookie 1 & 2.

  • The saddle may not be won more than one time per rider, in the event the same rider should win the Rookie saddle a second (or subsequent) time the saddle will not be awarded that year. Effective date 2016.

  • Youth 14-18 Saddle Series Conditions - see youth page for details

Tennessee Green Reiner 1 and 2

This program is designed to allow individuals who are new to reining to progress toward NRHA competition based on a points system. Eligibility points are earned based on a rider’s individual score.  Points will be awarded equal to the number of points scored above a 60 (60 or less receives 0 points). Points are cumulative and will carry over from year to year as long as the rider remains eligible for the program.

ELIGIBILITY - A rider may not have any NRHA monies prior to entry into the program.  If monies are earned, the rider may finish out the year but will be ineligible for TNRHA Green classes in subsequent years. A rider must be eligible for NRHA non pro status although an NRHA membership is not required to show in Tennessee Green classes.

When a rider has earned 60 points in any combination of green 1 and/or green 2, that individual will no longer be eligible to compete in green 1 in subsequent years and will receive an achievement award at the awards banquet.  Upon attaining 120 points the individual will receive a graduation award at the awards banquet and will no longer be eligible for competition in TNRHA Green Reiner classes.  Rider and at least one owner must be members of TNRHA to qualify for awards. This includes youth riders whose horse is owned by a parent.

TNRHA Green 1 will run concurrently with the NRHA Green classes and will follow NRHA rules. Green 1 riders may use either 1 or 2 hands at any time throughout the run. Horse may be shown in any NRHA approved bit.  Riders may accomplish the lead change in any of the following manners:  come to a complete stop, break to a walk, break to a trot or execute a flying change.  NRHA patterns will be used.

TNRHA Green 2 will run as a separate class. Riders may show 1 or 2 handed but must remain consistent throughout the pattern.  Riders will be required to execute a flying lead change.  NRHA patterns will be used without modifications.

Both Green 1 and Green 2 will be eligible for year end and circuit awards providing membership requirements are met.  These awards will be calculated the same as for all other classes.

If a horse becomes unable to show due to illness, injury or death, and this is certified in writing by a veterinarian, a one time substitution may be made. Points for the two horses will be combined for purposes of year end awards.  If the original horse returns to competition, points will start over at that time.  This applies to green reiner classes only.

Additional Classes

The following classes will be offered when time constraints permit.

GREEN HORSE - Horse may not have earned NRHA monies prior to beginning of the year.  Approved NRHA patterns and rules will be used with the following exceptions:  Horse may be ridden one or two handed providing the rider remains consistent throughout the run.  Horse may be ridden in any NRHA approved bit.  NRHA membership, competition license, or rider ownership are not required. Class will be jackpot as announced.  A horse may stay in this class throughout the year regardless of earnings in NRHA classes.  This class is not eligible for year end awards or circuit awards.

LADIES & MEN'S - These classes will be run concurrently but will be placed separately by gender of the rider.  These classes are open to all ages.  All NRHA rules and patterns apply.  Neither a TNRHA membership, an NRHA membership, nor a competition license are required.  Class will be jackpot.  This class is not eligible for year end or circuit awards.

Green and Non-Sanctioned Class Rules


For additional questions about competing in NRHA & TNRHA approved events please also see "Before You Show"

You can find a current copy of the NRHA Handbook for rules and event guidelines at