Volunteer Breeders Classic

Volunteer Breeders Classic Derby (VBC)


Get of stallions will be eligible to enter the Volunteer Breeders Classic Derby classes if the stallion owners either donate a breeding to TNRHA for the annual TNRHA Stallion Service Auction or pay a nomination fee.

Get of stallions whose services are donated for a breeding season are eligible for the VBC of the same year as the breeding season.  For example, a stallion breeding sold during the auction of 2016 would be for the breeding season 2017.  The get of that stallion would then be eligible to compete in the VBC Derby of 2017.

  • Those who pay the nomination fee from end of auction until day of show
    – stallion’s get are eligible to show in October 2017.

Stallion Nomination Fee Schedule

To nominate a stallion for both,
the Four Year Old VBC Derby and the VBC 4, 5, 6 Derby:

  • End of Auction to day of 4 Year Old VBC Derby – $500; this fee makes any derby aged offspring of that stallion eligible for both VBC Derbies.

To nominate a stallion for the VBC 4, 5, 6 Derby ONLY:

  • End of Auction – July 31 – $350
  • August 1 – day of show – $500

Stallion Nominations are for the current year’s show only and make that stallion and/or his derby aged offspring eligible for the current year only.

70% of the stallion auction income and the nomination fees will be used for added money in the VBC Derby classes.   20% is designated for the Tennessee Reining Horse Association general fund.  The remaining 10% of the stallion auction income and nomination fees collected will be used for awards.

Nominations secured until show time will be returned to the general fund and will be carried over to the purse for 2016.

This event will be a closed event—open only to subscribed stallion’s get and those horses made eligible through individual nomination—and will be run concurrently with a TNRHA open to the world derby.

The Derby Aged offsprings of the following stallions are eligible to show in the 2017 Volunteer Breeders Classic Derby



Busy Winin Chex

CFR Centenario Wimpy

Conquistador Whiz

Cromed Out Mercedes

Dun Roostin

Gunner On Ice

Gunners Indian

HF Mobster

Hickory Chic Olena


Mr. Montana Nic

Nick It In The Bud

Pale Face Dunit

SG Frozen Enterprise

Smart Like juice

Snipers Smoking Gun

Star Spangled Whiz

Step It Up Jac

Th Gunsho

The Sweet Spot

This Guns For Nic

Tuckers lil Playboy

Walla Walla Whiz

Wallawalla Bangbang

Wranglin In Chex